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Voluntary groups do achieve great things that can directly or indirectly benefit their entire local area with little financial resource or recognition. It is easier for a community that plays together to work together towards common goals. Recognition and referrals by professional networking groups would… Read More »Indeed…

Pride of Place

Appropriately regulated neighbourhood watch teams recognised and working in collaboration with local PCSOs do help as a reporting hub for concerned residents.

That’s the question….

Who does not come, and do we know why? There is no easy answer but advertising widely and having contributory consultations like this one is a good start. Many are fairly content until things go unbearably wrong…I think.


It would help if organisations would offer their volunteers opportunity to apply when a paid position opens up…less disruptive and cheaper than outsourcing

Skill Matching

It would help if VCFSE voluntary roles were as descriptive as paid roles so that people can take up positions that help them identify and grow their skills or participate in things that interest them.

Pride of Place

Perhaps nominate and showcase community run allotments and gardens (locally) in a “best place to live” type event to incentivise/ galvanise communities.

Down to Basics

People are just that… people; with the same basic human survival needs. There is too much emphasis on differences yet people have a lot in common irrespective of visible or invisible dimensions of diversity. Inequalities will persist as long as focus remains on what makes… Read More »Down to Basics

Strategic Resourcing

Considering regional socioenvironmental differences and needs; it is important to distribute the country’s wealth in a way that enables regions to make the best use of and improve their environment to enhance living standards. Although regions are more complex than departments in an organisation, each… Read More »Strategic Resourcing

All for One

Subjects like GCSE Home Economics are a good start but household budgeting should be integral. It is important for individuals to have a clear understanding of the difference between needs and wants then prioritise accordingly.