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There will be important changes over the next few years that will affect all of Lancashire (including Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen). For ease of reference we will refer to this as Lancashire 14. EU funding and investment is ending, Councils will face budgetary pressures like never before, and the NHS is reconfiguring. And, last but not least, you will know all too well the challenges we face as a sector, with demand increasing and available income and investment decreasing . 

We need to be able to make the case for our communities, for our sector and for ideas that make a real difference. As a representative group of VCSE Leaders, we have come together to start a conversation with you, our colleagues in the sector. We need to be very clear about what is important to the 10,000 plus groups operating in every part of Lancashire (14) and understand how we can collectively push for the kind of changes, ideas and necessary investment. 

There is an opportunity, at this point in time, for our sector to act collectively, and to begin to describe what “building back” could look like and take a lead role. 

This website has been set up in order to support a conversation to develop a vision and agree how we collectively promote that vision. We have identified ten priority areas as a starting point – they are not written in stone and deliberately lack detail:

Implement an Anti-poverty Strategy for Lancashire

Levelling Up: Secure national investment to build an economic model for all of Lancashire

Grow sustainable, environmental communities

Equality and Social Justice for All

Harness the VCFSE role in inclusive local economies

Develop the sector’s role in helping people into employment

Build a social prescribing model for Lancashire

Person and community-centred public service models

Scale up VCFSE role in Building Safer Communities

Adequately resource the VCFSE Sector

What have we missed? Do you have any other priority areas?

We want to know what you think. One area may be more important to you and your group. We have resisted over-defining these headers. We want the detail, specific outcomes and clear asks to arise from this conversation, from you. We also want to know: Is this something that you would like to be involved in and help make a reality?

On this website you will find events and comms toolkits to help you engage with and faciliate conversation exploring this collective vision. We have also set up a comment forum where you have the chance to directly comment on and discuss with others these priority areas.

Organisations hold events addressing headlines 

Input on our online forum 

Input on Twitter polls 

Summaries from events, online forum & twitter compiled (by VSNW) and distributed amongst GL VCFSE sector for amendments. 

Findings finalised and distributed 

Opportunity to sign up 

Next steps looking forward 

If you have any futher questions please get in contact: