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A Safer Lancashire

Build a stronger working relationship between the VCFSE sector and Andrew Snowden, Lancashire’s Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) in order to support stronger and safer communities. This the third term of commissioners since they began in 2021. Our asks are:

7.1 PCC – VCFSE Accord: Develop a joint working agreement between the PCC and the VCFSE sector.

7.2 Review of PCC/VCFSE practice: As part of this, ask the PCC to commission a review of local and national models of joint VCFSE/PCC working, with a view to pioneering models of working in Lancashire that will benefit communities and citizens.

7.3 Review of youth provision: A key part of this review, should be to understand and assess current cross-sector provision for young people, especially after school clubs and youth provision.

7.4 Review online safety guidance and role of neighbourhood watch in different communities.