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We want you as an organisation to feel confident to host your own events exploring one, a selection or all of the suggested priorities. We want to know if we’ve missed anything and how we can achieve these priority areas. We also know that this is a particularly busy time for the VCFSE sector, but that this is a fantastic opportunity for us to create a shared vision for the future of Lancashire(14). With this in mind, we have created a downloadable Event Toolkit. Here you can find everything necessary to run your own discussions. Please note you also have free reign to develop and organise in your own style, with your own resources too. We want everyone to contribute as they like, bringing their own ideas and together developing a shared vision for the sector. The events can be as big or as small as you like, they can be assembly events or even a short discussion as part of your team meetings; any engagement is important and will be listened to.

We want to create lots of noise about this conversation and encourage people to engage in discussions on online platforms too. We have therefore also created a Communications Toolkit. Here you will find all the resources you need to engage and promote via social media and communications channels including graphics, logos and example social media posts. We will be using our comms channels to update followers on the conversation. We ask everyone to please follow us on Twitter (@Lancs_Local) and use and use #Lancashire14vision.