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3. Environment including sustainable development; social value and use of community assets

Valuing nature

Healthy environments are good for people’s health and wellbeing – we all feel better after time in nature. Healthy environments also provide the water we drink, support farming and food production, help reduce the risk of flooding and drought, help tackle the causes and symptoms… Read More »Valuing nature

Pride of Place

Perhaps nominate and showcase community run allotments and gardens (locally) in a “best place to live” type event to incentivise/ galvanise communities.


More community gardens and alloments built within the BWD area and wards

Green Network

Elsewhere in the UK there are county wide “Green Networks” – not linked to the political party – who are sector practitioners in the green economy in whatever form that takes. How can such a network be created/publicised in Lancs?

Sustainable Healthy Food

The VCFSE sector has been truly remarkable in feeding people in need during the COVID crisis. Going forward -could we channel our efforts into organic food growing and local supply chains, reducing food waste and helping the environment?