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2. Levelling Up: Secure national investment to build an economic model for all of Lancashire


– Affordable access to buildings/facilities around the town – Community centres talking to each other

Strategic Resourcing

Considering regional socioenvironmental differences and needs; it is important to distribute the country’s wealth in a way that enables regions to make the best use of and improve their environment to enhance living standards. Although regions are more complex than departments in an organisation, each… Read More »Strategic Resourcing


Fair distribution of funds for all communitys and wards of BWD access to local credit unions in all areas and wards and have advice and guidance on debts housing benifits etc with not travelling into blackburn town centre for this to access shelters services these… Read More »Idea

Community Wealth Building

Let’s build on the Preston Model and make all parts of Lancashire wealthier by democratising our economy and building strong community assets in every community.


Involve the VCFSE in conversations about investment through national funds; town deals, future high street etc. The VCFSE needs to be around the table and listened to in order to make real changes that improve the lives of those most vulnerable in our communities.