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10. Adequately resource the VCFSE Sector


Voluntary groups do achieve great things that can directly or indirectly benefit their entire local area with little financial resource or recognition. It is easier for a community that plays together to work together towards common goals. Recognition and referrals by professional networking groups would… Read More »Indeed…


The reintroduction of community champions to help and ensure we are Collectively working together to bring leadership guidance and advice in all wards and areas of BWD

Accessing grants

Can there be a series of on-line tutorials that can be viewed? Forms seem to be different for each grant and it is sometimes not easy to see what they want. Some try and ask the same question in different ways to try and trick… Read More »Accessing grants

Zero Rated VAT Period for Charities

We need to undertake work to our premises to help deliver services after Covid. Shall we get together and lobby for a period of zero rated VAT for capital works on charity operated premises?