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Event Toolkit

Event Toolkit

Here are a number of tools for you to easily pick up and run your own event in your network.

This is the most important part of the toolkit. Following your event you need to compete and return this to by Friday 16th April to have the vision formed at your event included in the LOCAL Lancashire (14)Vision.

This document outlines some suggested agendas, whether you intend to run an event on all 10 priorities, or just focus on one or two.

These are event slides for you ready to present the LOCAL Lancashire 14 vision with ease. The slides cover:

  • Why are we forming a LOCAL Lancashire Vision? Context for your event attendees on why this is so important
  • Call to action – asking participants to think about their vision for Lancashire
  • Slide giving more information on each of 10 suggested priority vision areas
  • Overview of the LOCAL Lancashire Vision process phases as seen here
  • Event aim
  • A slide for you to input your agenda

If you want to use breakout rooms for your event – we’ve provided a how to guide for using Zoom meeting conference platform to do this

Other useful links, tools & resources

How to use Zoom polls – If you’d like to utilise polls on a Zoom event, to vote you can find a comprehensive guide here

How to use Zoom whiteboard feature – you can find the guide from Zoom here.

Padlet interactive notice board – you can use the online tool padlet (which offers free sign up) as an interactive notice board for group sessions. You can share the link to a padlet in your event, share your screen, then people can suggest ideas and upvote live together. Sign up and explore this tool here.


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