Building Safer Communities

By providing activity for the local community, voluntary groups contribute to this statement in a positive and important manner. Being channels for communication creates a contribution to community safety and being a group that enables crime prevention information to be shared. Have you considered using Community Payback for works that are premises and grounds related?

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    4 months agoopen0
    More PCSOs on the beat within all communitys or even getting more funding for security firms to employ local people to police the ward areas and community areas of BWD to reduce crime antisocial behav... Read more...
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    Community Safety
    4 months agoopen0
    As well as community payback many of the utility providers/police/fire service do provide speakers for meetings. These can deliver a community safety message to those who attend meetings such as WI, v... Read more...
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    Pride of Place
    4 months agoopen0
    Appropriately regulated neighbourhood watch teams recognised and working in collaboration with local PCSOs do help as a reporting hub for concerned residents.
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    Enhance Community
    3 months agoopen0
    - Education, wellbeing & skill sharing - Communication, networking sharing & connecting - Bring people together in the community
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