Helping people into employment

The Covid crisis has bitten deep into the economy. There will be an increase in work programmes for those who are not working. Voluntary groups can benefit from these as well as encourage members to sign up. This may be the time for a group to make the step into employing someone at reduced and minimal financial risk.

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    Volunteering for any organisation gives you confidence training and purpose so putting volunteer drop ins all over BWD areas and putting the access to applications for volunteering in all of these hub... Read more...
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    Job Market
    10 months agoopen0
    The question asks about getting people to sign up and for groups to employ some one. Has any work been done with other employers to enable access to interviews for jobs etc for those on a scheme?
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    9 months agoopen0
    It would help if organisations would offer their volunteers opportunity to apply when a paid position opens up...less disruptive and cheaper than outsourcing
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    - Raising aspirations - better and positive communications/bringing people together
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