VCFSE Role in Local Economies

This is enabling action to drive forward jobs and access to jobs. All groups have a key part to play in this by reminding committee members and active volunteers that the skills that they are using in these roles are often transferable to employment. Voluntary groups are often a key to developing self-confidence.

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    Volunteering as a route to employment
    4 months agoopen0
    A well resourced VCFSE can act as support to people furthest away from the labour market. Working as a whole system with public and private sector the VCFSE could provide valuable volunteering opport... Read more...
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    Living Wage for all
    4 months agoopen0
    Wouldn't it be great if every charity and social enterprise in Lancashire who employs people were to sign up to the Living Wage Foundation's Living Wage. What a message it would send out for our publ... Read more...
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    Skill Matching
    4 months agoopen0
    It would help if VCFSE voluntary roles were as descriptive as paid roles so that people can take up positions that help them identify and grow their skills or participate in things that interest them.
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