Equality and Social Justice

We ensure that all are welcome to be part of our groups and that we meet the needs of the communities we serve. There is also an element of encouraging enquirers to join the group best equipped for them; a network of groups and activities can contribute hugely to this aim.

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    Focus on inequalities
    12 months agoopen0
    The VCFSE has the capacity to represent and provide a voice for groups experiencing multiple disadvantage
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    Equality Partnerships and Action on Equalities everywhere
    11 months agoopen0
    COVID has disproportionately affected our BAME communities, learning disability communities, deprived neighbourhoods, etc. We need to create Equality Partnerships everywhere and focus on addressing t... Read more...
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    11 months agoopen0
    Having intregrated committees in place in all communities if possible comprising of young old black BME and white/irish/english/Welsh /scottish so every culture creed and age have a representative on ... Read more...
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    working together
    11 months agoopen0
    Covid has brought existing inequalities to the fore and we must remember this moving forward. All people working in the sector concerned about equalities need to work together more.
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    Down to Basics
    11 months agoopen0
    People are just that... people; with the same basic human survival needs. There is too much emphasis on differences yet people have a lot in common irrespective of visible or invisible dimensions of d... Read more...
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    A Community Voice
    10 months agoopen0
    A community voice for minorities to better understand each other. Ensure people are represented.
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