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Comment Forum: FAQs

Comment Forum: FAQs

The comment forum is a space to discuss the proposed priorities. We want to know: Are they what’s important to your organisation? How are we going to achieve them? Have we missed anything? We encourage the use of the “vote” function so we can compile the most popular responses.

The vote function automatically sorts the most popular comments to the top. When compiling the data we want to know what the most popular responses are so we can create a collective sector response to include in our VCFSE sector manifesto for the upcoming elections.

We will be moderating the comment forum as frequently as we can. However, if you see something you do not think should be there, please email and we will take a look. Please see our User Guidelines for more infomation regarding tolerated content.

We are able to monitor which organisations are engaging; if they’re from Greater Lancashire; so we can get in contact regarding LOCAL events in phase one and three; and keeping users are up to date with the process.

We will use it to keep in contact during the 10-week consultation process regarding events and updates. For more details, please see our privacy policy.

This conversation is especially for VCFSE organisations in GL and therefore we ask only organisations from this area to engage in the forum and events. If you are interested in more information on how VSNW could work with your sub-region of the North West then please get in touch:

The comment forum will run for 5 weeks, making up phase 1 of the LOCAL Lancashire Vision creation process. You can see full information and details of the phases for creating the shared vision for Lancashire here.

We want a strong mandate, based on a collectively designed vision for the sector in Greater Lanashire. To engage in the conversation is to make your organisation’s and localities needs heard and will help shape the future of the VCFSE sector in GL.

We hope that the comment forum is a place that will allow for all members of Greater Lancashire’s VCFSE sector to have their say freely. However If you’d prefer to engage in this conversation with your own networks and stakeholders first, we have developed tools so that you can also input through running your own event and communications.

You can find the event toolkit, that will give you all the advice and tools to help you run your own event on LOCAL Lancashire’s Vision here.

And you can find the communications toolkit, that will help you create clear, concise & accessible comms to promote this vision and encourage involvement here.