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Welcome to the Comment forum

Ten priority areas have been identified as a starting point, but they are not written in stone. What do you think? Are any of these important to your group or organisaiton? We have resisted over-defining these headers. We want the detail, specific outcomes and clear asks to arise from this conversation, from you. We also want to know: Is this something that you would like to be involved in and help make a reality?

We want the LOCAL vision and this online comment forum to be a place where VCFSE sector organisations feel comfortable to express their views but in turn respected.  

We do not expect members of the VCFSE sector to necessarily agree on everything, however we have a zero tolerance policy to any abusive or threatening behaviour on the forum. We also do not allow content promoting hatred, discrimination or violence against others based on race, cultural identity, ethnic background, religious beliefs, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.  

We will be unable to prescreen every comment made on the comment forum, as we want to encourage input and a natural flow of conversation. However, we will be moderating the content as much as we can and will remove anything which does not follow these guidelines and potentially block the user from further input.  

If you see anything on this forum which you deem to be a breach of these guidelines, please get in touch via email on