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Equality Partnerships and Action on Equalities everywhere

COVID has disproportionately affected our BAME communities, learning disability communities, deprived neighbourhoods, etc. We need to create Equality Partnerships everywhere and focus on addressing the social, economic and health inequalities that are widening within all of our communities.

Sustainable Healthy Food

The VCFSE sector has been truly remarkable in feeding people in need during the COVID crisis. Going forward -could we channel our efforts into organic food growing and local supply chains, reducing food waste and helping the environment?

Living Wage for all

Wouldn’t it be great if every charity and social enterprise in Lancashire who employs people were to sign up to the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage. What a message it would send out for our public and private sector colleagues to follow.

Community Wealth Building

Let’s build on the Preston Model and make all parts of Lancashire wealthier by democratising our economy and building strong community assets in every community.