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Accessing grants

Can there be a series of on-line tutorials that can be viewed? Forms seem to be different for each grant and it is sometimes not easy to see what they want. Some try and ask the same question in different ways to try and trick… Read More »Accessing grants

Community Safety

As well as community payback many of the utility providers/police/fire service do provide speakers for meetings. These can deliver a community safety message to those who attend meetings such as WI, village come and chat clubs etc.

Job Market

The question asks about getting people to sign up and for groups to employ some one. Has any work been done with other employers to enable access to interviews for jobs etc for those on a scheme?

Green Network

Elsewhere in the UK there are county wide “Green Networks” – not linked to the political party – who are sector practitioners in the green economy in whatever form that takes. How can such a network be created/publicised in Lancs?